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Sprites chapter 1
ÿþIt s another normal day in Seimei no mori and the sprites that inhabit the forest are enjoying the bright and sunny day. The leaves of trees are being mended by the earth sprites, the darkness is being lit by the light sprites, the flowers are being watered by the water sprites and the fire sprites are preparing food for the feast tonight. Oh, I forgot to mention the feast tonight! Tonight will be the tenth anniversary of king Shizen and king Seikatsu taking rule. The kings seem to be quite excited, well, at least one them is. King Seikatsu is sitting quietly in the room he shares with his brother king Shizen. The kings are both rather young probably about fourteen years old. Yes, they did gain rule when they were four that s just how sprites work. Anyway, Seikatsu is sitting in his shared room in a chair made of twigs and a cushion made of silkworm silk. On the right of the room there are two king sized beds for the two kings, in the middle of the spacing of the two be
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ÿþOnce in a land long ago not known to us humans there lived a forest called Seimei no mori or The forest of life. Here in this forest lived many sprites, sun sprites, water sprites, fire sprites and earth/life sprites.
This land was ruled by two young brothers Shizen and Seikatsu. Shizen is the calmer of the two. He controls all of nature; a rare gift among sprites. Seikatsu was the obnoxious and louder one. Although of his rambunctiousness he has the power of life. Meaning he can control all life both plant and creature. Although the two brothers are complete opposites they ruled the kingdom in complete harmony. But, before the forest was as happy as it is now there was something darker happening. You see, before Seikatsu and Shizen took rule over the forest a kind and foolish old man ruled the land. Since this was so long ago the ruler s name is only known as the Ruler. The Ruler wanted to create a heir that could take his place since he never had children. He used a gre
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Computer 2
ÿþThis is a world that exists hundreds of years in the future (900 to be exact). In this future computers are used everywhere and rule everyday life. Houses have automated servants, the singers are holograms based off of technology created in 2004 (vocaloids), the cars are controlled by computers even the sky had the robotic colors of green, blue and white. The street Tekunoroj+ was leading Tech down was a residential area. All the houses were white and blocky some had holographic flowers in cubic pots of white. Tech looked at it in wonder. He'd never seen anything like this. In pictures installed in him but never for real. Tech felt his legs begin to weaken, he didn't why know but soon found himself panting.
"Please...Tekunoroj+....slow...down!" the former computer huffed out in exhaustion.
Tekunoroj+ slowed to a halt and looked worriedly at the blue haired boy. Why was he so exhausted? Since he had just been created Tekunoroj+ was full of life but, Tech had been alive
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Tekunorji by princessmangotango Tekunorji :iconprincessmangotango:princessmangotango 0 0
The Computer
ÿþThis is the story of a computer. This computer over the years created many people. More like documents to be exact. These documents went on to live with the other documents and had their own lives. This computer began to grow jelous of these documents. He created them and never once did they acknoledge him or did they thank him. That was until one special document was created. This document's name is Tekunoroj+. Tekunoroj+ had a love for technology wich is what his name meant. When Tekunoroj+ was created he looked back at the computer and smiled at it. The computer was shocked. None of the other documents even gave it glance but this one was different. Tekunoroj+ walked towards the computer and gave a big grin.
"What is your name?" he asked. The boys voice sounded like a robot's. Choppy and electronic.
The computer had never been talked to. It looked through data and quickly learned to speak.
"I am a computer I do not have a name." The computer replied. It's voice also
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my owl hat/owl city hat by princessmangotango my owl hat/owl city hat :iconprincessmangotango:princessmangotango 0 0
PnF another isabella vampire story chapter 18
The four looked at their attacker in disbaleif.
"Malissa?"Emma asked.
The person in front of them was a girl who looked about five years old.She had dark black hair in a long pony tail.She had black
paint on her face and red eyes.She had a black leather vest on with a gray shirt with a pair of saggy black jeans and black boots.
In her hand a wooden bow and on her back was a leather arrow sack.
"Boss,what are you doing here?"Malissa asked.
She looked behind Emma seeming to study the three friends behind her.
"Especally with these noobs."
Emma smiled a bit at the girls remark.
"I'm taking them to the castle,remember,I'm in charge of the princess this year."
Emma caught herself when a cough was heard behind her.
"Oh,Malissa,this is Phineas.Ferb,and the new princess Isabella."
Malissa smiled a little bit.
"Nice to meet you."she said in the ni
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PnF:another isabella vampire story chapter 17
Ahnaya walked towards the men.One of the men was tall and skinny,the next one was also tall,but,dark.And the other man was short
and plump.
"What are you doing here?"she asked the tall skinny man.
The three men looked at her.
"Were going to tear it down and replace it with a corner store."the man replied.He had some kind of a Texan accint.
Ahnaya was now angry.
"Why would you do that?!"she yelled.
"Calm down sweetie,"the man ansered."No one has lived here for years so there's no reason to keep it up."
"But,me and my sister live here!"
The three men lokked at each other for a seconed then began to laugh.
"Little girl,"the dark man said.He had a deep voice."There is no way anyone could live here!"
Ahnaya's eye's began to glow red wich made the three men stop their laughing.She took a few deep
breaths than looked at the yellow machine behind them.It had a shovel like claw and was bright yellow.
"What's that?"she asked pointing at the machine like a small child.
"What do you mean what's th
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fireflies by princessmangotango fireflies :iconprincessmangotango:princessmangotango 0 0 soilder boy in the house! by princessmangotango soilder boy in the house! :iconprincessmangotango:princessmangotango 1 0
another isabella vampire story chapter 16
The Group had now been stuck in tree for atleast four hours.Emma looked like she was asleep but noone could tell,Phineas looked like he was
about explode,Ferb had also fallen asleep,and Isabella was terrified still.
"Does anyone know what time is it?"Isabella asked.
"It's about 6 o'clock."Emma replied.
The blond opened her eye's.
"You O.K Phin,"she asked."You look like you're about to explode."
"Yah,I'm fine."the red-head replied.
"Do you need to pee or something?"
"No,I'm fine."
"Do you need something to write on something."
Emma took out a papper and a pen and handed it to Phineas.The boy took it and began to draw.
"Is there any way we can get them to leave?"Isabella asked.
"Not that I can think of Pippy."Emma replied.
"Will you please stop calling me that?"
"No thanks,I'm good."
The girl sat up so her feet can dangle.She looked at Ferb who was looking down at aligators.
"Ferb,"she said."Don't tease the aligators!"
The green haired boy looked at her then leaned back in his sea
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Princess banaynay by princessmangotango Princess banaynay :iconprincessmangotango:princessmangotango 0 0 me on wizard101 #5 by princessmangotango me on wizard101 #5 :iconprincessmangotango:princessmangotango 0 0 me on wizard101 #4 by princessmangotango me on wizard101 #4 :iconprincessmangotango:princessmangotango 0 0 me on wizard101 #8 come on guys by princessmangotango me on wizard101 #8 come on guys :iconprincessmangotango:princessmangotango 0 0 me on wizard101 #7 reading rainbow by princessmangotango me on wizard101 #7 reading rainbow :iconprincessmangotango:princessmangotango 0 10


[APH] 2p!England by Purichie [APH] 2p!England :iconpurichie:Purichie 531 87 2P!England's Cupcakes by AkatsukiMudkip 2P!England's Cupcakes :iconakatsukimudkip:AkatsukiMudkip 411 79 2P!Pirate!Arthur by Hikari-Ringo-chan 2P!Pirate!Arthur :iconhikari-ringo-chan:Hikari-Ringo-chan 1,610 347 2P!England VS Steve - Insanity :12: by Altalia 2P!England VS Steve - Insanity :12: :iconaltalia:Altalia 1,514 146 2p!England by Patynotchan 2p!England :iconpatynotchan:Patynotchan 928 212 America 2p and Canada 2p by SpanishPandaHero America 2p and Canada 2p :iconspanishpandahero:SpanishPandaHero 1,293 124 2P Xmass by Soubixcos 2P Xmass :iconsoubixcos:Soubixcos 297 66 2p 2p by spacedrunk 2p 2p :iconspacedrunk:spacedrunk 792 24 Captainsparklez-Parodies round up (youtuber bg #1) by Dawnlauu Captainsparklez-Parodies round up (youtuber bg #1) :icondawnlauu:Dawnlauu 37 7 Skydoesminecraft: Squid Hat by MidNight-Vixen Skydoesminecraft: Squid Hat :iconmidnight-vixen:MidNight-Vixen 632 299 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Motivational Poster by GotMiley2 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Motivational Poster :icongotmiley2:GotMiley2 227 34 Kagamine Len - Spice! by Fishiebug Kagamine Len - Spice! :iconfishiebug:Fishiebug 1,206 52 Len Kagamine by chamoth143 Len Kagamine :iconchamoth143:chamoth143 733 31 Oliver Sketch by Re-Rei Oliver Sketch :iconre-rei:Re-Rei 87 102 Craftygirls Cover .:WIP:. by MidNight-Vixen Craftygirls Cover .:WIP:. :iconmidnight-vixen:MidNight-Vixen 428 269 Toothless human by RacoonKun Toothless human :iconracoonkun:RacoonKun 3,360 230


im not sure if I should continue my pnf you see I haven't added much to it in months and I've kind of outgrown it.and I HATE the characters personalities.ESPECIALLY my OC's, Emma,Ahnaya and Ethan. I've been working on them a lot and have created a whole lot of new ones. I've even created genderbends. I would like to upload some of my own stories instead of fanfics. I've gotten into anime and my drawing improved and I'd like to work on my own stuff.What do you guys think?Should I do it or not?


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